City of Wichita – Intrust Bank Arena

In 2010, The City of Wichita completed construction on a 16,000-seat venue, Intrust Bank Arena. By 2018, the digital signage needed replaced and the arena wanted to approach content for the signs differently. The dual threat partnership of Wichita Sign Company and Project Content crafted a strategy of better clarity and marketability, replacing the original 20mm pitch signage with 10mm (doubling the clarity) and providing beautiful content to assist the arena in promoting upcoming events.

“The original solution that was rolled out in 2010 only addressed signage. Content was an after-thought, along with how content would look on a 20mm sign vs. a 10mm”, said Scott Wadle, Senior Management Analyst with the City of Wichita.

“The ads that the Project Content team crafted for the sign to accompany the new installation blew the socks off what we had before! For the second go-around of replacing these signs, we decided to make content quality and clarity the focal point of what brand of digital signage would be best.”

The combination of a better pitch with ads and content that follow several best-practices are the main focus of what Project Content delivers day-in and day-out. Think the combination of a better sign pitch and professional content won’t make a difference? Let us show you otherwise!

At Project Content, there’s nothing we believe in more than the positive impact of creative, professional-looking content. Give us a chance to craft a unique content strategy to truly maximize the marketing potential of your digital sign investment!

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