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In the summer of 2019, Church of the Magdalen made the decision to up its marketing game with a new digital sign. Their location is beautifully positioned along east 21st St N. as part of Wichita’s growing northeast corridor, and they knew they needed a unique and noticeable way spread their message of faith and harmony to the greater Wichita area.

Working closely with local sign dealer, Wichita Sign Company, and leveraging a partnership they have with Project Content, they crafted a sign and content strategy that is unique, marketable and maximizes their sign’s ability to perform.

Through the utilization of Project Content’s Ultimate plan, Magdalen benefits from custom content services, the use of Presto to easily edit and size content available to them through Project Content’s online content library, and complete sign management, where content is deployed and scheduled to the sign by their Project Content Account Manager.

“We knew we needed a content strategy that was built around an ability to inform, provide variety, and stand-out in our community. Our decision to invest in digital signage was a big part of how we would market ourselves, but we knew content and how our message looked was most important when it came to grabbing attention. We didn’t have a good answer for that until Project Content got involved.”, said Father Jirak, Pastor and Parish Staff member at Magdalen.

“We’ve seen a huge increase around how informed both our congregation and the community are around what is going on at Magdalen. The sign gets noticed and we’re regularly complemented about the creativity of our messaging.”

At Project Content, there’s nothing we believe in more than the positive impact of creative, professional-looking content. Give us a chance to craft a unique content strategy to truly maximize the marketing potential of your digital sign investment!