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What is Project Content?

Project Content is an effort to change the way digital content is designed and delivered for digital signage (commonly known as EMC’s or Electronic Message Centers). Provided as a monthly or annual subscription service, Project Content offers several plans that give you the ability to edit and download content from our stock library and request custom content pieces using monthly issued custom content credits. These services provide a foundation for digital advertising that is tremendously effective and more affordable than traditional forms of advertising like radio, television, newspaper/magazine, and billboard advertising.

What is a Content Download?

A Content Download is a piece of content that is downloaded from the Project Content online library. Content Downloads can be edited using Project Content’s Presto editor tool. Project Content offers several plans, each of which afford you a different number of Content Download Credits per month. Content Downloads are a self-serving aspect of Project Content’s plans.

What is a Custom Content Request?

Custom Content Requests can be submitted to our team when you need a very specific piece of content created and you may not be finding anything that meets your needs in our online library.  Custom Content Requests might tie into your branding strategy, incorporating your logo, or use your company colors.  They might advertise a very specific product, service or event, or include a specific background or design element found in a 3rd party resource.

Custom Content Request credits will also be used if you require us to render a piece of content for you out of our online library, or require us to download a piece of content from our online library and make textual changes to the message for you.

When should I use a template from Project Content’s online library?

Project Content’s online library and our Presto editing tool are great for simple messages, or for making minor changes to an existing template found in our online content library.

When should I use a Custom Content Request?

Custom Content requests work great when you can’t find something to fit your message in our online template library, when you have a very specific request, or when you want us to render a template from our online library for you.

Will Project Content work on my sign?

Project Content’s services are designed to work on any make or model of digital sign (interior & exterior signs). As long as your sign can accepts one of the following formats, you will be able to use our services: mp4, jpg, wmv, avi, and mpeg formats.

Additionally, if you have a question about us creating something in an alternative file format, please reach out to us at and we will let you know if we can create it (we usually can).

When do the credits on my plan reset each month?

Project Content credits reset monthly based on the date your account was created.

I can't find the content I need, what now?

Not finding the content you need in our stock library? Custom content is available upon request and is included in our paid memberships. Not interested in a paid membership? Custom content can also be purchased ad-hoc at the rate of $99 per content piece.

Why can't I checkout?

An account is required to download content from Project Content. Join today and choose one of our memberships to get started and enjoy access to our content library!

I have downloaded my content. How do I put it on my sign?

Using your digital sign software which is provided by the manufacturer of your digital sign, load the correct file format into the software’s scheduling platform. If the file format you have downloaded is not compatible, please try downloading a format that will work with your sign software. We have various formats that can be downloaded (mp4, mpg, avi, wmv, jpg).

I am not sure how to use Project Content.


Content Library

  1. The first step in using Project Content is creating an account.
  2. Once you are logged in you can begin to find, edit, and download the content you need.
  3. Content can be found by name or category. You can also browse our collections to find what you’re looking for.
  4. Add the content you would like to download or edit.

Custom Content

  1. Custom content requests are simple. To begin, create an account or login if you already have one.
  2. Depending on your monthly or annual plan, you will have a certain number of custom content credits/month. Once logged into your account you will see a hexagon icon in the upper right corner of your screen denoting the number of credits you have. Clicking this icon launches our custom content request form.
  3. Fill out the form to tell us about the custom content you are needing.
  4. Attach any relevant files you would like to be included in the content (logos, images, etc).
  5. We will turn your custom content request around in 1-2 business days.
  6. One custom content credit will be subtracted from your account for each piece of custom content that is ordered.
  7. Unused credits do not roll over from month-to-month and operate on a use-or-lose basis.

Custom Content Credits

  1. Custom Content Credits are delivered once a month with the amount depending on the level of your subscription.
  2. Basic Content Library: Custom Content Credits are not included in the Base Content Library plan.
  3. Presto Essential: Custom Content Credits are not included in the Presto Essential plan.
  4. Presto Premium: 2 Custom Content Credits per month.
  5. Presto Ultimate: 10 Custom Content Credits per month.

Can unused monthly Content Credits rollover form month-to-month?

Unfortunately no.  Content credits must be used within the 30 day period that aligns with the date in which your account was created.  For example, if your account was created on the 15th of the month, your credits will reset monthly on the 15th.  If you have credits remaining, they will not rollover on the reset date.

If you have used up all of your credits and want to purchase more for that month, they can be purchased ad-hoc at the rate of $25/credit for additional Content Download Credits, or $99/credit for additional Custom Request Credits.

The videos look blurry on my computer. Why?

Videos that download for your sign are at a much lower resolution than what your computer display’s resolution is. Videos are sized to look and perform best on your Electronic Message Center. Some computers preview small videos by scaling them up to a size larger than your EMC’s display. Know that once scheduled to your sign, videos will look correct.

If my sign is damaged or breaks, can I shut off or suspend my service?

It depends on what kind of plan you’re on. If you’re on a month-to-month plan with a credit card for payment, you can temporarily suspend your service by logging in and moving to our Basic/Free plan. When you’re ready to resume service just log back into your account, click on “Update Plan or Payment” and resume paid service under your plan of choice. If you’re on an annual contract or longer, regardless of whether you pay monthly for that annual contract, or you’ve prepaid in advance for your term, unfortunately, we cannot suspend service. If you have another sign or asset that you want to temporarily move service to, we’d be glad to do that, but full stoppage of service on annual contracts or longer is not allowed.

What happens after the free 14-day trial has expired?

The account shuts off unless you elect to subscribe to one of our plans.

Do designs that are marked FREE in the content library count against my monthly credits?

They do. Our FREE designs are part of a limited library that Free users have access to. Subscribers that are on a paid version of our services and either cancel service or whose service term lapses are automatically downgraded to Project Content Free. Under this plan, users are limited to 3 downloads per month from our limited library, there is no Presto functionality (ability to edit messages on our stock design) and free subscribers are limited to 1 sign profile on their account. Users who take out a 2-week free trial of our Essential plan, will not automatically downgrade to Free at the end of the trial. You must be on a paid version of our service and either downgrade on your own, or have paid service lapse in order to downgrade to Free.

If I cancel service, what happens to my content?

You will retain any content that you’ve downloaded even after you cancel service.  However, content that remains in your My Content folder will not be accessible after service has been cancelled.

Does it take additional credits to make a change to a piece of content I’ve already rendered and downloaded from the Project Content library?

It does.  Each Project Content credit can be used to download 1 piece of content with any changes you want.  If you’ve rendered and downloaded a piece of content, using one of your monthly credits to do so, and then require additional changes, it will require use of an additional credit to re-render/re-download the new piece with the changes.

Do my A-la-carte credits ever expire?

They do.  A-la-carte credits expire exactly one month after purchase.