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Project Content Tutorials

Presto Tutorials

How to use Presto by Project Content

Learn how to use Presto by Project Content.

How to add signs

Need to add another sign to your Project Content account? No problem. In this tutorial we show you how to add a sign.

Submitting A Custom Content Request

Want a video created especially for you digital sign? Want some specific for your video? No problem. In this tutorial we show you how you can submit a custom request on Project Content.

Additional Formats

.AVI and .MPG video support is here! Users now have the flexibility to download Presto templates in multiple formats.

Create Amazing Content

See how easy it is to produce incredible LED sign content with a Project Content subscription. No matter what brand of an LED sign you may own, Project Content simply saves time and works.

Downloading a Static Image

Need a design without motion? No problem. Edit and download a Presto template as a still.

Scheduler Tutorials

Schedule Your Content

Now that you have created your content, it is time to schedule it.  Learn how to schedule content in our new platform.


Add and delete users.  Assign permissions to individual users.


Upload, organize and manage content inside Scheduler.


Update your sign location, sign size and even add additional displays to your account.

Canvas Editor

Learn how to create custom content from scratch using the Canvas editor.

Live Data Feeds

Learn how to add live feeds to your sign.