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OS Basics

When we first began developing Presto in 2018, we were simply on a mission to change the game around the quality of content found on any digital sign. As we began researching the desired functionality that would need to be in the product, along with brainstorming on our own and soliciting a ton of customer feedback, we began to gather lots of information around the complexities of sign manufacturer operating systems.

While OS’s are complicated animals, no matter the type of product they support (think Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, etc.), they tend to serve very different purposes compared to technologies that dictate or influence how something looks. As OS technologies have advanced, the aesthetics of these systems have improved, but functionality is still the leading horse.

Digital Signage Operating Systems

If you’ve recently purchased a digital sign for the first time, or maybe you’re a resident expert in signage, you may find that the same holds true once you’ve peeled back some of the layers involved in digital sign operating systems….there’s a ton of functionality that certainly applies to overall sign functionality. However, when it comes to functionality associated with the design of content, many of these systems appear to be lacking.

We are living in a world where everything moves extremely fast. As a result, technology must be simple to use and have a clean UI (User Interface). More and more technologies are becoming vendor agnostic, meaning, they are not necessarily tied to a particular brand of anything. Much like open-source software, these kinds of products are becoming more popular due to their flexibility and the fact that they may serve one, simplistic purpose. They’re just really good at that one thing. At Project Content, this was and still is today, our mantra with Presto and the rest of our services.

Presto – Simple, Easy, Powerful

If you’re not familiar with Presto, it’s our digital content editing tool that allows the easy creation, editing and sizing of any piece of digital content available in our online library.

The best part about Presto is that it will create beautiful, revenue-generating content that can be uploaded onto any brand of digital sign. The value we believe we provide is built more around the content itself, and less about the brand of sign or operating system the content will run on. We want ALL brands of digital signage to look their best, ALWAYS. When this happens, all parties benefit, from the sign manufacturer, to the business owner, and yes, even Project Content.

The second design element behind Presto’s ease of use, is how quickly we can auto-size created content to any digital surface. Often, businesses have multiple digital signs at several locations. They’re not always the same size, shape, or brand. Business owners that have invested in digital signage over the past decade, may be working with several sign brands, different operating systems, different pixel matrices and different sign pitches. They need content tools that make it easy for them to create eye-catching content, make sure it’s sized right, and quickly deploy it, so it helps drive business immediately. This should be a process that happens in minutes, not hours or days.

We’ve focused a ton of time, energy and money into making our products and services flexible, easy to use, and a valuable addition to any digital sign. We encourage you to give us a try either by contacting us or signing up for a free trial of our service. And, if you have any suggestions on how we can make our products and services better and more flexible, please drop us a line.

We’re ready to help you integrate!