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Time is Money

There is a well-known saying that “time is money”. It’s a popular saying in the business world mostly centered around efficiency and making sure you understand that the more time you spend on something, there is a correlated decrease in profitability towards the task at hand.

The short of it is that if you can find a more efficient way of doing a task, you should do it because of the savings tied to time, effort, or money.

At Project Content, we’ve been hard at work over the past year to come up with fast, more efficient ways to produce better looking content than someone can do on their own. In addition to providing content that looks better, we’ve tried to price our services in a way that makes cost comparisons to alternative options like DIY, graphic designers or marketing agencies, a no-brainer-thus changing the landscape of how easy it is to create content and keep a digital sign consistently looking its best.

Powerful, With Limitations

In early 2020, we launched Presto, a game-changing piece of technology that promised to lead the charge against traditional options for creating content. Presto took hundreds of images found in our online content library, gave subscribers the ability to perform text edits and then would size the newly edited content to any size, shape, or brand of digital sign.

While Presto was accurate and definitely a new approach to creating content online, it wasn’t particularly fast. We knew we’d need to greatly increase the speed in which Presto could deliver a design in order for it to be a viable option for digital sign owners and jump-start our mission to raise the standard of digital content found on signs across the country.

The Presto Breakthrough!

Fast forward 8 months to November 2020 and Project Content’s development team achieved what we originally thought to be impossible. The average time it now takes Presto to render a professional design is now UNDER 3 MINUTES, decreased from an average of 30-45 minutes when the solution was first launched. In addition to these ridiculously fast render times, Presto now comes complete with a suite of text editing and styling options more suitable to the advanced digital content designer.

These product improvements will truly be game-changing for Presto as a product, and for Project Content as a company. Any digital surface, no matter the size, brand, or age, can now have some of the best content available and customized to their message in only a few minutes, and at a monthly or yearly cost that won’t break the bank. While we are proud of these achievements, we pledge not to stop there. We see a future for our company and solutions that will truly revolutionize the way digital surfaces are used, the impact their content has on an audience, and the speed in which all things content-related can be done.

If you’re a digital sign owner and you know your sign or digital surface should be grabbing more attention and providing a more powerful marketing ROI, check us out at In addition to our incredibly powerful Presto tool, we also offer custom content creation where our team can create ads from scratch and even completely manage your sign.

We believe 2021 is going to be a monumental year for Project Content and our impact on the digital sign industry!