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Your passing traffic, if you have been managing your sign’s content well, will be more open to engaging with you over time.

Introducing Call to Action content is how you will drive impulse stops and activity. According to a new poll, 5 in 6 Americans say they have made impulse buys. It’s likely that 30% or more of your business is from impulse purchases. With effective content design, you can drive that number higher.

When selecting the right call to action, focus on the product or service you want them to engage with and how to act on it right then and there. Putting your phone number or email address will not help.

Show these key call to actions: Stop in, “Sale ends today”, “Turn right now”, “Don’t forget”, “Signup inside.”

Your sign will not sell products or services for you. It will advertise why your customer needs to visit your store. Drive more traffic into your building so your team, products, and services can do more selling.