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Sumner County Family Care Center is a full-service family medical practice in the small community of Wellington, Kansas. A deep roster of family physicians, registered nurses and support staff serve the residents of the town 35 about miles south of Wichita.

The SCFCC office is located on a roundabout situated along the city’s primary thoroughfare. As such, nearly all of the community’s daily traffic is exposed to the primary care facility and a couple other medical related businesses located in an adjacent building.

As the partners in the practice continued to expand their services, and make facilities improvements, they began looking for ways to effectively market their full suite of offerings to current and prospective patients. They started by making a major aesthetic upgrade to their sign, including the installation of a high definition electronic message center.

“We didn’t have a lot of ways to reach people with our messages,” said Dr. Lacie Gregory. “In a small town, there aren’t a lot of advertising options. Our community newspaper stopped publishing years ago and it’s not really feasible to pay for the unnecessary out-of-town audiences that come with radio and TV.”

While the new sign project immediately made the desired impact on facility image, the group learned a common lesson about managing sign content. “We intended to have our office manager make changes to the sign,” said Gregory. “But it was evident very quickly that her strength is managing our medical practice. Not graphic design.”

Within a few weeks of install, SCFCC decided to upgrade its basic level Project Content™ membership. Improving operational efficiency and effectiveness of the messaging content was a must, so SCFCC subscribed to our Ultimate Package. According to Gregory, the full-service content creation and scheduling services were a no-brainer.

“It was really a business decision,” said Gregory. “This is a busy medical clinic. We don’t have the graphic design talent in-house to create great sign content. And the time it saves to work with Project Content™ pays for the subscription many times over. We just email or text our account manager and by the time we leave that evening, the new message is up on our sign.”

In addition to marketing their staff profiles and advertising a litany of medical services, a key part of the SCFCC messaging is to feature events happening at the schools, non-profits and around the community. “It’s important to us to be involved around the town,” said Gregory. “And Project Content™ delivers.”

Since its installation in early 2019, Gregory has no doubt that the monument sign has been a big benefit to the Family Care Center and to the community of Wellington. “There’s not a day that goes by where we don’t get a positive comment about the sign from our patients.”