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The Truth of Time and Temperature

We do admit, they changed the game. Prior to the invention of time and temperature units, most people just knew the NAME of their grandpa’s bank and that they gave away dum-dums in the drive-thru. When sign companies started putting these little, square signs with changing light bulbs or digit flippers, those same people still knew the name of the bank, but also that it was 3:32 and HOT.

We’re being a little flippant; the product deserves generational credit. After all, time and temp units were the original dynamic signage with changing data that represented real-time, local information. Heck, some would argue that they these information points are still effective advertising. Not so, in our opinion. It’s time to pull the time and temp from your content rotation. It’s a cop out. This message appears when the sign’s content manager can’t think of anything better to share. So, instead of seeing how your business can help their lives, passersby see the time and temperature. While not only being benign information, time and temp data is already in front of our face in the car, on our wrists, and the homepage of our phone.

Time and Temperature stamps had their day in the sun. But, they never really deserved any of your advertising real estate. Regardless of their prominence in digital sign history, today the information they provide is largely irrelevant. The truth of digital signage is that it has been historically challenging to operate for small business owners. It is clunky and temperamental. Online connections that manage the physical pieces of sign equipment are usually tenuous, at best. Most businesses find digital signage content to be a real pain point for operations.We understand. Back in the day, everyone was in the same boat. Because the technology was developing and ‘better than what we had before’, everyone limped along and made it work with the programs available to us


This is why we built Presto. Working with programmers and designers, we knew it was possible to design an animated content system that integrated existing hardware. It took some engineering, that’s for sure. The finished product is a platform that small business owners use to customize effective messages for their digital signs.

Presto allows you to have a real time conversation with your audience using relevant messaging. When you had to watch the news or call the Weatherline to check the temperature, time and temperature stamps made some sense. Today, there are too many other effective ways to fill that space on your digital board. Work with Presto to create and publish messages that promote your business and sell your services.