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Information Overload

It’s pretty tough to be noticed nowadays. The change in how sales was done 20 years ago to how sales is done now is mind-blowing!

One of the biggest changes we’ve seen is that the degree of difficulty around saying, doing or showing something that is attention-grabbing and makes a lasting impression is much more difficult than it used to be. Things are becoming more challenging due to the amount of visual stimulus people are exposed to everyday, along with the large number of tools we now use to communicate with one another. Technology, and the Internet, have made every market a national market, and most markets, international. Competition is fierce and abundant.

Everyday, information is crammed into our brains through social media, YouTube, email, websites, radio, TV, robocalling, texting, apps, blogs (like this one), signs, and a myriad of other channels, causing societal information overload. We hear all the time that there’s tons of information and data out there, but we don’t know what to do with it.

While the argument of whether this much information or data is good or bad should be saved for another day, it does pose a challenging question of how one can stand out. Project Content was started because we saw a problem tied to businesses investing in digital signage but failing to use their investments to their true potential.

When it comes to using a digital sign the right way, there is nothing more important than the content running on the sign.

Standing Out

In today’s uber-competitive world, the best way to grab attention, be memorable and stay memorable is to do what you do in a unique, original or one-of-a-kind fashion. Some believe you do this by being funny, clever, smart, thought-provoking, etc. At Project Content, we believe this is done through digital signage by showcasing fantastic-looking content that is clearly a step above your competition, and doing that over, and over, and over again.

With the amount of societal stimulus all around us today, I admit that signage has taken somewhat of a backseat. It shouldn’t. Signage, particularly digital signage, can be a supremely accurate reflection of your business. This is where business owners tend to miss the mark with their digital sign investments.

If someone drives by your business at least twice a day, your sign isn’t going to stick in their mind if you show them the time, date, temperature, or extended forecast. However, if they pass by your sign and you’re showing them clever, funny or unique pieces of information that look great and apply to your business and brand message, that means something to them. They’ll remember it. Even if they don’t have a need for your product or service immediately, when the time comes, they’re going to remember what you do and probably give you their business. The reason they’ll remember what you do is because the way you’re doing it is a step up from others.

This is a form of engagement.

The more that lasting impression is burned into their brain, the more permanent that engagement becomes. This strategy combined with a good experience when they give you business, causes them to recommend you to others, and voila, your business grows!

While these strategies seem rather simple when we blog about them, it’s amazing how many businesses aren’t practicing them. Even with all the communication channels and stimulus in our world today, when you boil these strategies down to their simplest forms, they have much to do with simply caring more than your competition, trying harder than your competition, and approaching your marketing message with repetition, persistence and genuine care.

The quality of content on your digital sign IS an accurate reflection of your business, and people are noticing (or maybe they’re not and that’s the problem). If you’re struggling to get the most out of your digital sign investment, reach out to us and we can discuss how better content can help drive a lasting and one-of-a-kind brand experience.

Ready to maximize your sign’s potential?