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Traffic Counts

If you do not know the traffic count on the street from which your sign is visible, please look it up. Knowing this figure can help realize the potential impact digital signage might make at your location.

I love to share this data and always discuss it with clients when designing digital signage projects.

In the past, I’ve even heard prospective clients wonder aloud, ‘can there really be that many cars driving by?’ When I show traffic counts to business owners considering on-premise digital signage, usually a look of surprise comes across their face. Sometimes, I even see a light bulb pop on as they realize the potential of custom messages to this audience, right at their fingertips.

Data Driven Decisions

When considering how your marketing dollars are spent, the traffic count at your location can be a very important data point. After all, the only apples-to-apples way to calculate the reach of all advertising mediums is cost per impression – most commonly referred to as CPM or Cost per Thousand. So some simple math can break down the cost of any sign project the same as other advertising options. From there, savvy business owners can make an educated decision on how quickly the sign will generate a Return on Investment. Looking across the advertising industry, marketing dollars spent on digital signage have highly competitive results by both CPM and ROI benchmarks.

An average four-lane interior, arterial street carries about 20,000 vehicles per day. With an average of more than 1.5 occupants in each car, that is 30,000 people each day in the right place at the right time to see your message. What are you going to tell them? To find your local traffic count, check out this link from the Kansas Department of Transportation. Most states provide a similar resource online. We live in the information age and this data can go to work for you. Take a look and let’s discuss traffic counts in your area.

Catching the Eyes Driving By

When you really consider the impact your digital sign can make on friends and neighbors in the community, you start to understand its importance. You have a dynamic communication tool along the road of life for people in your neighborhood. You get to engage and connect with potential customers driving by your location each and every day. Give them content that counts.

NextLED has sign solutions to fit businesses along any road. Our team designs, installs and maintains digital signage for more than 1,000 customers in 17 states. Give us a call and let’s talk about how to catch the eyes driving your business with a digital sign.