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Here’s a quick question for you

Think about the blue transportation signs on highways right before every highway exit. The ones that have all the restaurant, hotel, and gas station logos on them with arrows pointing to where they are located from the end of the exit ramp. How big would you say that just one of those logo rectangles are? Seriously, take a guess. I bet you’re wrong. Check out below how big they really are.

Each of those rectangles are 3’x4’. Pretty amazingly big aren’t they! The truth is, our eyes play amazing tricks on us, especially when we are traveling by at 65mph. The point is, the distance between the traffic and your sign along with the speed that traffic is flowing by your sign makes an absolutely huge difference on what content works and what content most definitely does not work on your sign.

If you want more specific tips on what content should be utilized on your sign based on its street location, feel free to download our Playbook! It gives some helpful insight on many different aspects of design and digital sign usage, so it’ll probably come in handy. Oh yeah, and it’s completely free!