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The different holidays and turn of seasons we experience throughout the year are great opportunities to expand your creativity for digital advertising on your sign. As a business owner, you probably have a favorite holiday or time of year and may use it as an opportunity to deliver something special or memorable with your signage. Maybe you have some clever sayings, jokes, or something else to help promote this special time while giving your customers and prospects a reason to smile, laugh or express gratitude.

While holiday messaging is a great opportunity to turn attention toward things other than your business, the great thing about digital sign advertising is that an ad or series of ads on your sign can be composed of several slides. Of course, we see no problem in giving said holiday its dues, however, various holidays pose great opportunities to capitalize on creative advertising that plays into sales, specials, discounts, or promotional offers.

As a business owner, it’s critical that you keep pace with these marketing strategies. If for no other reason, because your competition is doing it.

We often see businesses approach us with questions around striking the right balance between giving proper respect to our holiday and seasonal calendar, but wanting to use them to tie in advertising opportunities to help increase sales.

As we’ve continued to build on our stock content library over the past few years, we have a variety of clever, seasonal sayings and beautiful holiday designs that our customers make great use of. Many of these designs are ready to go as-is and can be easily sized to the pixel dimensions of your digital signage, while others can simply be used as a starting point for a piece of custom content that is more tailored to your business.

Some of the examples we often see include references of the seasonal time changes, reflective of Daylight Savings Time beginning or ending and can be a simple as a “Fall Into Savings” ad kicking off the first week of Fall or “Spring Forward for Great Discounts This Weekend” ad, welcoming Spring.

A business’s approach to an upcoming holiday or season is going to be unique and everyone will have different ideas or opinions on what works best. As a group that consistently fields questions around what’s working best in the advertising market, we tend to lean towards content and advertisements that tie in a combination holiday or seasonal acknowledgement, along with a bit of cleverness or a quick saying that will draw a smile or a laugh.

As with all marketing strategies tied back to digital signage, the goal is to be unique and memorable, tying a one-of-a-kind experience back to your customer or prospect and giving them a reason to walk through your doors.

Happy Holiday and Happy Advertising!