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Make a Plan. Document your Strategy.

Yes, you need a strategy for effective digital ad messages. If you follow the generally recommended 4-5 messages rotating, for approximately 6-8 seconds each, 24 hours each day—that’s a lot of messages to manage throughout the year.

Get out your laptop, or even a pen and paper, and consider the plan points below. If you prefer, Project Content can help with a customized plan at your request. Templates are available or a graphic designer from the team can build out the annual content strategy for your business.

Digital Signage Content Points to Ponder:

  • Calendar of important holidays and annual events/promotions
  • Company milestones and accomplishments
  • Incorporate brand standards using signature colors and fonts
  • Consider birthdays or team member recognition
  • Is co-op advertising space part of your plan or vendor/partner highlights?

Instead of wondering ‘what on earth should I update the sign to today,’ build a messaging plan for the new year. Consider your messaging broadly; does it support your company’s mission and image in the community? Talk internally with your team to agree on a shared vision for the sign’s focus and objectives.

Execute the Plan

Enjoy the process of developing the plan and then put it to work for you. While adjustments may be required as the year progresses, they will be easier to identify and correct within this framework. Whether created in-house or in collaboration with Project Content expertise, a messaging plan for your digital signage content will bring it all together. Executing a well-designed digital signage plan produces a better return on your digital signage investment.

Not sure how to create content for your sign? We can help!