Start playing the THX opener…It Pays.

When someone buys a digital sign, they are not dreaming about putting scrolling text in Arial font on it. Instead, they are thinking of the visual equivalent of the THX audio intro that you used to hear before a theatre movie started. Remember that? I used to LOVE that part of the movie! It was truly showcasing the movie theatre’s sound system. No matter how many times I heard that sound it always got me excited. What the movie theatre was doing was showing off the amazing sound range of the theatre’s audio system. The “awesomeness level” achieved in the theatre simply couldn’t be duplicated at home…..and that’s why they did it. The movie theatre chains knew I’d keep coming back because even though I could rent a movie and watch it at home, I’d still never get to that same “awesomeness level” unless I went to the movie theatre. They paid a lot of money to be able to do some amazing things with the audio in those theatres, not to mention the size of the movie screen was obviously nothing I could duplicate at home either. The movie theatre knew that, and every time I watched a movie, they made sure I knew that as well. 

So that brings me around to the signs you are selling.

To stick with the above analogy, there are tons of sign dealers who own movie theatres, yet they show black and white grainy movies with AM radio quality sound. They all could play the THX audio opener and blow prospects away with the highest of hi-def, but they don’t. The reply I commonly hear is, “Well, I made the theatre.  It’s up to the guy inside the movie theatre to figure out how to make it do cool stuff.” So, the movie goer checks out movies for a while and they never get a chance to experience the “awesomeness level.” Then, after a while, they just don’t go to theatre anymore. 


That’s why we see scrolling text on signs like the one I drove by last winter which read “Summer Is Here” in the middle of January. Sign owners need to know it doesn’t have to be this way.   

What if I told you that you could now charge an extra dollar at your movie theatre and people would again flock back to the movie theatre. “What? You’re going to charge MORE and they’re going to come back??” Yes! It’s because you started playing the THX audio opener and highlighting the highest hi-def in your theatre and people will do anything to experience the “awesomeness level.” And here’s what’s even more nutty. You get to keep a good chunk of that extra dollar you are charging and you don’t have to do anything to keep the THX audio thumping away.  Plus, people love you because the “awesomeness level” is all they ever really wanted, and YOU made it happen. “Build more theatres!” they scream…..I think you get the point. 

Project Content is your THX audio and highest hi-def. It’s the amazing, animated, and unique content that sign owners dream of when they dream of having their own sign. You give it to them by simply putting another line item on the purchase price of the sign. Compared to the price of the sign, a Project Content subscription is pennies on the dollar. But, because of that extra line item, you give them the “awesomeness level” and you get paid for adding that subscription. Everyone gets what they want. Well….everything but popcorn. 

To find out how to become a Project Content Reseller or Affiliate and provide your sign owners the “awesomeness level”, email or give us a ring at 844-773-7861. 

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