Don’t Make This Design Mistake

White Backgrounds

White backgrounds are usually pleasing, crisp, and new. And for most of the printing and digital display world, they are perfect for many of your advertising pieces.

But your digital sign is a different medium and the technology does not lend itself to this style of design.

The all-white background requires every light emitting diode (LED) on your display to be running at full brightness. Emitting light is different than reflective light, and it’s important to know that all-white will increase your energy cost, shorten the life of your display, and blind traffic at night.

Furthermore, over time white will expose the slightest blemishes in your sign’s aging color more than any other.

Lastly, the emitting white will not help the readability of your text and continue to give reason for your audience to ignore your sign.

Do your best to avoid this common mishap in digital signage design.

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